Second Edition on Its Way

Jenny and I are thrilled to say that the second edition of the Official Joomla! Book will be available in print sometime in the next few weeks (we've seen ETA dates from December 24 to January 7).  You can preorder now at Amazon and InformIT and get copies the same day as publication. 

So what's new in 2e? Joomla! 3 first and foremost. The book covers both 2.5 and 3, but we had an exciting summer and fall tracking all the changes for Joomla 3 and getting as up to date information as possible.  The cool thing was that we were able to contribute to Joomla! 3 just through the process of writing since we'd find things that did not quite work as advertised and send in patches. It was definitely pretty intense at times.  But sometimes we'd say  "Kyle if you change this we can cut three paragraphs of explanation of how to work around this."  That possibility (that is there for everyone) is why really engaging with Joomla is so great.  

The big addition in terms of chapters is how to build a simple Bootstrap template from scratch, which will really help webmasters understand how templates in Joomla! work.  With huge amounts of explanation of how to work with Joomla 1.5 core templates now unnecessary we turned that space over to doing things like creating a simple module override and managing module chrome, not to mention a guide to the basic html and css that all webmasters need to know for when they need to make their sites beautiful. 

Just like in the first edition we show you how to get serious working with the core templates. I've already blogged about how much I love Protostar so I'll stop there except to say that we show you how to really take advantage of its flexibility. 

There's lots more too, every chapter got a rewrite and we also have added new interviews with people like Angie Radke, Ron Severdia, Marijke Stuivenberg and others and reinterviewed others. 

Every purchase of OJB along with Joomla! Templates, Joomla! Programming, and Jooma! Explained (all of which we really recommend for every Joomla user's bookshelf or eReader)  supports the Joomla! Project financially.   

Here are some of my favorite quotes from reviews of the first edition;

This book is a lucid presentation of Joomla! including a concise, even inspiring history of how it evolved and continues to evolve, presumably even with the readers help someday.

If you want a book written by 2 people that understand Joomla!, its history and web design inside and out, then you will not regret buying this book.

This book takes you all the way from when your idea to start a site is born through installing the package to running it like a professional. The key for readers will be repetition. You will have to keep this book by your side as a reference guide while you build your site and probably as you generate your first few weeks or months worth of content.

Joomla is the way to go. And this book will get you going with Joomla. This book starts out with a brief history of Joomla, then segues into just about everything you'd ever want to know to make a successful website. Then it shows you how to use the myriad of free templates available for Joomla, which will really simplify creating a site.

I think 2e is even better and Jenny and I hope you think so too.