Rock and Mineral Club

For people who dig rocks.


Welcome to the Rock and Mineral Collector's Club

  • We are a group of people who are fascinated with rocks and minerals.
  • We welcome new participants who would like to join us in the many activities that we organize, whether monthly meetings or weekend field expeditions.
  • We also have a forum where rock and mineral people meet and talk.

Please feel free to fill out our contact form if you would like more information or just come to a meeting. New people are always welcome.

Helping Wiki Commons

QuartzOur club has taken on a very exciting project. We've decided to help the volunteers at Wiki Commons with their project of processing the more than 40,000 images of mineral specimens contributed to their collection by Robert Lavinsky.This is a huge project, but one that will benefit so many of us who appreciate the wonders and beauty of these specimens. You'll see that we have included a number of selections from the collection on our site.

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