Featured image 4 Steps to Build your Own Joomla Website - 4 Steps to Build your Own Joomla Website

Joomla represents a middle ground content manager system between WordPress and Drupal, and you can set up your site in about 3 hours, even if you are a beginner.

In this article, we will be giving you a step-by-step guide on the first things you need to do to build your own Joomla website.

Get a Domain and Host

This is the first step to set-up any webpage. The domain is the web address people will use to access your website and there are even some free ones if you don’t want to invest in this. Although paid hosting services are better because they have a big impact on how well your website runs. Several companies offer an initial period free of charge.

Post image 4 Steps to Build your Own Joomla Website Get Started with Joomla - 4 Steps to Build your Own Joomla Website

Get Started with Joomla

After you have your domain and hosting services selected, you need to install Joomla and set it up according to your needs. Then you should get familiar with some of the basic features and processes involved in using this CMS, as this will help you follow through the next steps easier and quicker.

Pick the Right Template

If you don’t know web design coding, you can customize your website’s features through the use of templates. These tools determine the look and the way it will all work, and this is why you should take as much time as you need to pick the right template.

There are a few free ones around the net, but you will have to search for them thoroughly because there is no directory.

Install the Chosen Template

This is done by adding them as extensions, after downloading the template. You can drag and drop it, find it by browsing in your hard drive, or simply add it using the package’s URL. Activate the template by going to the Styles section of the Templates extension and setting it as the default to work with from here on.

Following these steps is the perfect start to building any kind of website on Joomla and make it easier for you to avoid mistakes and fumbling around. Remember that choosing paid services and templates comes with the guarantee that they will work efficiently.