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How to Subscribe

To subscribe, simply hit ‘Submit Email’ on our Contact page and join The Official Joomla Book family. Select the subscription plan you want to join in and follow the steps to finish the billing process.

Then, you’ll get a subscription confirmation email and that’s it, you are now part of our IT-driven community.

Subscription Plans

As a way to help you make the most out of your money and grant you with all The Official Joomla Book offers, we have built three main subscription plans for all. Feel free to upgrade, pause, or cancel your subscription at any given time. No credit cards required. No questions asked.

Free Subscription

The free subscription allows you to access a wide variety of information and posts in its regular posting schedule, including the weekends’ posts. With this free-of-charge plan, you will also have the chance to comment on any of our articles and share your opinion or send suggestions via email.

Standard Subscription

The Official Joomla Book’s standard subscription plan allows you to access all of our regular blog posts, the ability to comment on any of our articles, and more. Sending emails and packages to our P.O. Box address and even access to our monthly newsletter are also included in the subscription fee.

Exclusive Subscription

For as little as $8 a month, readers will get all the rewards and benefits the Standard subscription plan comes with, plus lots of other treats. Access to exclusive content on our Patreon page, chances to write short articles, get your comments posted on the blog, and even discount codes on Joomla templates are included.